20 de diciembre de 2016


I have given my body to the God of Wind
I only blow easy on this Garden I attend
The Tulku of Esoteric Hitlerism has been given life
By the South Wind of certain sacrifice
Boreas, Lord Wind, My Lord
Breathe deeply upon my Psychonauts
Now the Twin Kings are at the Tower of the Zenith
The Virgin Argo is Pure with Intent
Allow Us to pass through the Morning and Evening Star
Oyehue, Yepun!

Grand Master Alfred of the Saxons
Winter Solstice, Era 127
San Miguel, South Carolina

31 de octubre de 2016

Unam Jera

Unam Jera
Samhain brought the great battle
Between Life and Death
The Surdic Order of El Cordon Dorado
Live in mens dreams and whispers In-between
Sieg Heil Vik-Tor-Ia, the Doorway-Portal to Ultimate Victory
55, VV equals X ~ The Ultimate Tantric Ecstacy, the Leap

20 de septiembre de 2016

Autumn Departure

We Depart as:
The Mystical Warrior Knighthood of the Black Virgin of Carmel, the Sonhood of the Black Sun, the Chaste Pilgrims of the Southern Ices, the final and last initiated Order of the Morning Star of Chilli-Mapu. Wanderers of the Dawn, Soul-Walkers, the Watchmen of the Aurora, the departing Ghostship of the Aurea Catena, the Temple of Unam. The Surdic Knighthood which serves and vindicates the God of the Losers of Kali Yuga within this Second Earth. We watched as the Window was opened. Opened for a few to Enter and Exit, and now we watch as it is barely open and yet not one more soul can enter. The immense treasure is buried in the Southern ice. Within that ‘Glowing Casket’ which violates all known laws of terrestrial physics. The date and confirmation that all sacrifices performed in this life-time are absolutely not in vain.

30 de julio de 2016

The Twin-Poets have struck the Stone of Doubt
With the Sword of Certain Knowing
The Celestial Waters pour like Night Fountains
From the Hearts of Amata and Viktoria
We have been found Guilty of A-Mor
And do our time in Bliss-Kissed Ecstasy

          SIEG UND HEIL!

20 de junio de 2016


As the Golden Sun dies it will go into westward dreaming, and out of the North comes the cold light of the Black Sun. The Virgin-Priestesses and the Priest-Warriors have been summoned. Now the white swans will carry them through Albania, touching minds, touching souls, as Truth, Love, and Beauty dream the white window of Oyeihue-Yepun, the Morning and Evening Star.